Tribofinishing is a process of mechanical/chemical deflashing which involves preparing the surface and edges of the parts to be processed by immersing them in an abrasive mixture in movement in a tank.

A large number of parameters make it possible to control the effects of these abrasives : characteristics of the abrasives (size, shape, composition, etc.), additives, rotation speed of the tanks, etc

5 semi-automatic tribofinishing machines from 150 to 500 litres enable us to deal with various types of parts and production.

Abrasif tribo-finition Abrasif tribo-finition Abrasif tribo-finition Abrasif tribo-finition



Tribofinishing is an economical and effective technique for deflashing your parts. It is particularly suitable for deflashing blank parts as they come out of machining or casting. By using the appropriate abrasives and additives, it makes it possible to carry out complete polishing, smoothing and shining operations.

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