Cleats columns - Storage systems

Columns with stops are storage systems enabling parts to be supported with a constant space maintained between them. Integrated into our metal containers, columns with stops enable parts to be loaded by a simple movement on a single axis) and quickly, so they are particularly suitable for automated loading and unloading.

schema colonnes

Operational principle

With 25 years of experience behind us and a high level of expertise in storage systems (we have several patents to our credit), our design studio is capable of finding appropriate solutions for your packaging requirements, from the simplest to the most technical, bespoke for your specific needs.

Our storage systems may be presented in the form of columns (vertical use) or rails (horizontal use). And of course there are intermediate sloping positions. These columns with stops can have locking systems to guarantee the parts remain in good condition during storage and transport.

According to the technical constraints and the material of the parts to be packaged, we are able to produce these stops in a great variety of materials and finishes : injected Zamak, sheet steel, injected plastic, etc. These stops may then be protected to hold the most delicate parts (fittings on glass, avoiding glazed parts touching, avoiding flanges on sheet metal parts, large scale parts, etc.).

cielo traverse cao


Positioned according to a system code number, columns with stops allow a great gain in productivity in automated plant. They offer great precision in positioning, and enable parts to be removed by following a simple trajectory (easy programming) and provide higher rates of loading / unloading. In addition, the locking / unlocking of the packaging units which have these columns may be centralised and automated: unlocking when the container is set in place in the plant, locking when the container leaves the plant (no starting of operation is anticipated before / after use).

Examples of packaged parts :

  • Car roofs
  • Bonnets
  • Door panels
  • Panoramic sun roofs
  • Opening roofs
  • Windscreens
  • Etc.

We have developed a whole range of systems adapted to a wide variety of situations. Don’t hesitate to consult us !